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CRE5 Energy identical MHP CRE5 except for its extra energy blend

cre5 energy

Just yesterday MHP revealed everything you need to know about their long-awaited creatine supplement CRE5. As expected the product proved to be exactly as its name suggests, packing five different forms of creatine and that’s it. Today MHP has returned with a bit of a surprise, as much like they did for BCAA 10X and BCAA 10X Energy, there is in fact an energy version of CRE5 simply titled CRE5 Energy. The only difference between the two supplements is of course an energy blend.

For those that don’t know about MHP’s BCAA 10X products, the two BCAA formulas are basically identical except for BCAA 10X Energy featuring a 265mg energy blend. As mentioned that is the exact same story with CRE5 and CRE5 Energy, however this time around the brand has used a 310mg blend with a slightly different set of ingredients. Making up the extra section responsible for the energy in CRE5 Energy are three features, caffeine, theanine and citicoline, leaving the 5g blend of 5 creatines unaltered.

Despite MHP adding in 310mg of energy in each of the supplement’s 60 servings, there is no price difference between CRE5 and CRE5 Energy. Based on the value listed for the two on the brand’s website the extras come free of charge, although you do only have two flavors to choose from for CRE5 Energy in fruit punch and lemon lime with no unflavored.

MHP CRE5 Energy

cre5 energy

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