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MHP CRE5 stays true to its name with 5 different creatines

mhp cre5

Recently MHP dropped a number of teasers that all seemed to point at their next supplement being the super creatine complex MHP CRE5. Now after almost six months since we first saw the product, the brand has finally unveiled MHP CRE5. Just as we suspected the complex creatine’s name is relevant to its contents with the number “5” relating to both CRE5’s dose and variety of creatine forms.

Wrapped up in a 5g proprietary blend MHP has packed creatine monohydrate, MagnaPower, creatine HCl, creatine AKG, and lastly creatine alpha-amino butyrate. There is nothing else in MHP CRE5 outside of the creatine, with each tub giving you 60 servings which will last you a full 60 days, or 30 if you decide to use it at the brand’s maximum of 2 servings a day.

While there isn’t much more to the supplement, we have added its facts panel below for those after a better look. Fans can expect to see MHP CRE5 hitting stores soon in three 60 serving flavors, fruit punch, lemon lime, and the always convenient unflavored.


mhp cre5

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