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Fitmark to donate more than 3,000 bags in August


Whether or not you’re a fan of Fitmark, you will definitely like them a little more after hearing about their latest charitable effort. For those that didn’t know the innovative bag brand have a system in place called the 1 for 100 Program. Basically it means for every $100 Fitmark net through online sales, they will donate one bag to the Boys and Girls Club. The brand has just reported what they’ve managed to get together from their program announcing that this summer they have donated more 1,000 bags.

To add to that Fitmark are set to donate another 3,000+ next month to Boys and Girls Clubs in Oakland, Detroit, and Philadelphia, as well as other cities across America. It’s things like this that really make you appreciate a brand so much more and proud that you own something of theirs. For more information on Fitmark’s 1 for 100 Program visit their website, where you can also find the post about their recent donation.

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