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iForce Compete gets Max Out and Hemavol Max branding

iforce compete

Of all the iForce Nutrition supplements dressed in the brand’s slightly different look, none of them are updated or rebranded products. Both Max Out and the Hemavol sequel Hemavol Max were introduced with iForce’s more title dominant and cluttered design, keeping them separate from the others at least when it comes to appearance. The brand have now unveiled their first supplement to be rebranded with the amino cocktail iForce Compete.

Unlike the other two, Compete has its entire title stretched across the bottle with its three main effects listed directly below. While the small change in design does give the product a bit of a different look, everything else is in sync with Max Out and Hemavol Max. Fonts, colors and iForce Compete’s small description are identical to the others, although if you are familiar with the brand you will know this is only the beginning. Now that we know iForce are going to be updating older supplements we can expect to see the rest of the rather large line rebranded which includes the likes of Tropinol XP, Protean and Mass Gainz.

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