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Intra MD Lite, Intra MD without highly branched cyclic dextrin

intra md lite

Prime Nutrition has revealed what their next Platinum Series supplement is going to be, which may actually come as quite the surprise to most. The story of Prime’s Platinum line has been quite interesting as the high quality collection hasn’t really stuck to the more traditional categories. The peri-workout Intra MD was the product that started it all, followed by two more mainstream items in Backdraft XP and Max HP. Then it was another Mountain Dog formula with Partition MD, and now we have Intra MD Lite.

Based on what’s been said so far, Intra MD Lite is basically going to be just like Prime’s first Platinum supplement except with zero carbohydrates. The formula’s 30g of highly branched cyclic dextrin will obviously be removed, although a lot will still be left behind such as 2g of citrulline malate, 4.5g BCAAs, and 2g of taurine. Intra MD Lite also looks like it will have a slightly different menu with orange and watermelon, the latter being the one the original Intra MD is not currently available in.

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