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New Jack3d gets Modern Creatine’s BioCre and 2 more flavors


Last time we posted about USP Labs original pre-workout Jack3d, we pointed out the fact that the brand had changed the look, name (from Jack3d Advanced) and quite possibly the formula of the supplement. Since then there have been a lot more sightings of the rebranded product, confirming exactly what USP has done to Jack3d. While the brand themselves are not yet listing details for the updated pre-workout, we have had a look at the new version and can say it appears to be pretty much identical to its predecessor.

The only real difference between Jack3d Advanced and the new Jack3d seems to be the branding of the creatine as BioCre and an extra 100mg on the main blend. There does also appear to be a menu upgrade with the introduction of dragonfruit and pineapple, two flavors USP are currently using to promote their barely changed Jack3d. Even though the brand has yet to officially launch the supplement, it can actually already be found at Supplement Central for two bucks more than Jack3d Advanced.

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