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Jumbo Hardcore steps things up as Scitec’s 3rd Jumbo formula

jumbo hardcore

The last new Scitec Nutrition supplement we got word on and has still yet to be released was something the brand didn’t exactly make overly obvious. All we originally got was a teaser image which featured a combination of gold/yellow and black, leading us to believe Scitec’s mystery product was likely going to be a spin-off or some kind of sequel for MyoMax. As it turns out the supplement is in fact one we got a look at even earlier in the year Jumbo Hardcore, another mass gainer from the European brand and the third in their Jumbo series.

Just like the regular Jumbo and Jumbo Professional, Jumbo Hardcore is a mass protein formula packing all the necessary macros as well as extras. The big question is of course what separates Jumbo Hardcore from the other two, as it’s likely going to be a question a lot of Scitec fans end up asking. First up we have the balance of protein and carbohydrates which actually sees Jumbo Hardcore come in pretty close to Jumbo professional listing 50g of protein to Professional’s 55g, and 70g of carbohydrates to 78g. The serving sizes of the two are also fairly even with Jumbo Hardcore weighing in at 153g to Professional’s 162g. Where things get interesting is what makes up that serving for Jumbo Hardcore as well as the sources for the macros.

Unlike all the other Jumbos, Hardcore uses multiple protein sources with whey concentrate and isolate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed beef protein peptides and surprisingly rice protein. Scitec also get creative with their carb sources for Jumbo Hardcore using seven different forms in maltodextrin, oat flour, dextrose, Palatinose (isomaltulose), waxy maize, highly branched cyclic dextrin, and a ModCarb Grain Blend made up of oat, amaranth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa. It is also thanks to the carb blend that compared to Jumbo Professional, Jumbo Hardcore has a lot less sugar with 13g as opposed to 45g.

Moving on to all the added blends in Jumbo Hardcore, which are really what make the products in Scitec’s Jumbo Series. Like Jumbo to Jumbo Professional, the latest from the brand steps things up once again. In total the mass formula features nine proprietary blends outside of the protein and carbohydrates. Just like Professional, Jumbo Hardcore packs a creatine blend, amino matrix, a small dose of BCAAs, a micro nutrient complex, an NO matrix as well as Bioperine for absorption. In addition to that Scitec’s new gainer packs an anti-estrogen blend, performance boosting matrix and a recovery complex. As great as the new proprietaries sound, they don’t unfortunately add as much to the supplement as the different macro sources. The performance blend for example only offers 200mg of beta-alanine, 100mg betaine and 50mg of carnitine tartrate.

You can see Scitec’s all new Jumbo Hardcore in more detail below in its official facts panel, and can expect to see it in stores soon. If you do decide to pick up the product you’ll also notice the brand has also stepped up the gainer’s menu compared to the others as there are three very interesting flavors to choose from in Banana-Yogurt, Brownie Praline and Brittle White Chocolate.

Scitec Nutrition Jumbo Hardcore

jumbo hardcore

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