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Megatron Green Apple doubles SAN’s pump pre-workout menu

megatron green apple

One of the more packed stimulant free pump pre-workouts that made its way out in the last year or so is SAN Nutrition’s Megatron. The supplement was originally spotted almost one year ago in August, then finally hit shelves at the start of this year in January. The product launched in just the one 30 serving size, as well as just the one flavor in watermelon or what SAN has officially called, Watermelonade.

The brand has now revealed and released another option for the supplement’s menu with Megatron Green Apple. Like all of SAN’s new products the pump pre-workout’s second flavor is now available direct from their website. Megatron Green Apple is also actually already in stock at the likes of I’ll Pump You Up, where instead of SAN’s rather high direct price of $59.99 you’ll only be looking at $36.99.

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