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Ultimate Nutrition add in pea isolate for Protein Isolate 2

protein isolate 2

Despite Ultimate Nutrition not exactly ending 2014 on a high note, they are back in 2015 and today have actually unveiled an all new product. The latest from Ultimate Nutrition is a sequel supplement following on from Protein Isolate, with the creatively named Protein Isolate 2. For those not familiar with the original Protein Isolate, while it does sound like your traditional whey isolate formula it is in fact a wheat sourced protein powder.

The brand’s sequel Protein Isolate 2 carries on that legacy, although instead of just listing wheat isolate it also features another vegetable protein source. Ultimate has added pea protein to Protein Isolate 2 with the only other major changes being 1g more sugar, 1.5g of extra fat, and 20 less calories (chocolate). Everything else appears to be pretty much the same including the product’s 20g of protein, and flavors as Protein Isolate 2 has carried over both Chocolate and Vanilla.

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