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RSP Whey gets 10/10 reviews before it goes on sale at

rsp whey

As we mentioned in one of our more recent posts on RSP Nutrition, being the website that we are we get sent a lot of interesting stories. One of them was the topic of RSP listing their carnitine tartrate dose for Quadralean in the UK at just 1mg. We’re now back with another story submitted by a follower, although this time it’s about an all new supplement of the brand’s that has actually yet to go on sale.

RSP Nutrition’s latest product is the protein powder RSP Whey, which is currently still coming soon. Due to listing the supplement with an arrival month of July, you would think RSP Whey wouldn’t have reviews on it until becomes available. As it turns out, before the protein has even been launched there are already five reviews for it at Four of those five are all 10/10s, with the latest one being a 1/10. While the positive reviews talk about the taste of RSP Whey and what makes it so good, the negative review is quite a bit different which you can read for yourself below.

RSP Whey review by w3space, mahmud hasan

“purchased Quadralean multiple times But for there to (be) reviews about this protein when it’s not even been available for Purchase this is an FTC violation and should be reported trust in this brand is lost”

W3space does certainly raise some interesting points as RSP Whey does clearly have a few reviews, four in fact all rating the product a 10/10 without it being released.

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