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Shred 24 gets more than just a red and black rebrand

shred 24

After revealing and releasing Amino War, War Tropin and Lean Tea, it was fairly obvious the Australian brand Body War was introducing an all new look. Not too long after the new look appeared it was made official with Body War announcing a rebrand for all their other supplements. As you can see above Shred 24 is the first of the brand’s originals to get the update, going from its patterned white and grey to a much more colorful label in red and black. While the Shred 24 makeover is enough for a post on its own, there is a bit more to the product when you see the back of the bottle.

As well as getting an all new look it turns out Body War’s Shred 24 has also received just as many changes on the inside. The Australian brand have kept the weight loss formula stimulant free, and even carried over the supplement’s serving size. Where things get different is of course in Shred 24’s list of ingredients seeing Body war introduce a few new features such as cissus quadrangularis and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). A lot of the original’s higher up ingredients have also been kept on board with the likes of raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean.

To give those within the reach of Body War’s products a better look at Shred 24’s changes, we have added both of the fat burner’s labels below (new and old). It’s pretty clear a lot of the older version has remained although there are definitely enough changes to call the 2015 Shred 24 a reformulation.

Body War Shred 24 (new)

shred 24

Body War Shred 24 (original)

shred 24

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