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Yohimbe free Superlean available in 60 and 120 count


While in the US Gifted Nutrition fans don’t have a choice when it comes to the brand’s fat burner Superlean, those purchasing the products from overseas now do. Up until recently Gifted’s Superlean was only available with yohimbe, an ingredient that stops a lot of supplements from hitting shelves in countries that aren’t big fans of it. A yohimbe free Superlean has now shown up, and has been confirmed for international stockists.

One of the places already listing the product is the UK store T-Nation, who you may also notice has Superlean in a double size bottle packing 120 capsules. The increase in volume is due to the yohimbe free version being produced in two sizes, a regular 60 and double 120 count. The arrival of an alternate Superlean isn’t overly big news for the US, but definitely exciting for those overseas as it shows Gifted are looking to expand and willing to edit their supplements to do so.

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