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Body War reformulate PreWar and BodyShred without AMP citrate

body war

Australian brand Body War has passed on a handful of updates that are said to be coming over the next few months that include a little more than the usual new flavor or size. In total there are three pieces of information, the first being that the brand’s amino formula AminoWar is getting a slight edit and will also have a few more flavors added to its menu. Body War hasn’t said exactly what the edit will add or remove, or when it’s coming, just that it’s going to be a relatively small one coming sometime soon.

Next we have the second and third bits of news, which we can group together as they are both the same but for separate products. In a move that most fans probably should’ve seen coming, Body War has reformulated their two AMP citrate supplements PreWar and BodyShred, without the controversial stimulant. We don’t quite know when the AMP citrate free products will be replacing the originals, however we do know just like with AminoWar the two are also getting new flavors added to their menus.

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