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Caramel Chaos Carb Killa joined by Cookies & Cream

carb killa

Last week it was confirmed that Grenade finally had a second flavor for their great tasting protein bar Carb Killa. The title of the flavor was not revealed, just that it would be named this week. If you are a Grenade fan you may have caught an announcement this morning saying that Cheese is in fact the next Carb Killa. As interesting as that would be and as convincing as the brand’s imagery was, a Cheese Carb Killa isn’t unfortunately what’s coming.

The second flavor for Grenade’s undeniably delicious protein bar is actually Cookies & Cream. The option joins the supplement’s original Caramel Chaos, which if Cookies & Cream even comes close to, it will only strength Carb Killa’s reputation. The latest from Grenade is expected to arrive very soon, where if we’re lucky we will get a chance to review the brand’s cookie filled caramel follow up.

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