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Con-Cret Whey facts panel confirms remaining details

con-cret whey

Yesterday Promera Sports unveiled the supplement they said we’ve all been waiting for with their new protein powder Con-Cret Whey. Most of the product’s details were released including a few highlights such as gluten, GMO and growth hormone free as well as a few of its macros such as protein and calories. Today we have the rest of the supplement’s details to pass on, as Con-Cret Whey’s official facts panel has now been revealed.

As confirmed yesterday each serving of Promera’s upcoming Con-Cret Whey packs 24g of protein thanks to its one protein source, whey concentrate, and a total of 120 calories. The numbers we were previously missing are 2g of carbohydrates with 1.5g of that sugar, and 1.5g of fat with 1g of that saturated. The only other piece of information worth mentioning is that each 2lb tub of Con-Cret Whey will have 29 servings, presumably the same for both of the product’s flavors, Chocolate S’Mores and Vanilla Cake Batter.

The countdown for the supplement’s launch now sits at 10 days to go, with Con-Cret Whey still due to be released Tuesday September 1st.

Promera Con-Cret Whey

con-cret whey

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