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Cytosport Initiate doesn’t end up featuring as much as expected

cytosport initiate

Ever since we saw Cytosport’s Monster Series pre-workout Initiate back at the Arnold, we’ve been waiting to see what the brand put inside the supplement. The excitement isn’t there because it’s a pre-workout, but because out of all the brand’s new Monster Series products, Cytosport Initiate is the only one that doesn’t exactly explain everything in its name. This week as reports of the supplement showing up in stores continue to come in, the formula behind the pre-workout has finally be revealed.

Previously all we really knew about the product was that it has at least five ingredients with 150mg of caffeine, 3g citrulline, and 2g each of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, betaine and leucine. Since those were just the highlights of Initiate we thought that the five would likely be joined by a few other main ingredients. As it turns out we thought wrong, as the five features we already knew about have been joined by only two other big ingredients.

The pair rounding things out for Cytosport Initiate are taurine at half a gram and glucuronolactone at 300mg. It is also worth mentioning that the caffeine in the supplement does have a little bit more to it, as the 150mg is made up of regular caffeine anhydrous and the branded Purenergy caffeine ptrerostillbene.

While the formula isn’t as packed as we expected, there is one area Initiate has a bit of a surprise and that is price. Based on what Tiger Fitness is currently listing the product at, the Cytosport Monster pre-workout is quite cheap compared to the overall price of its competitors at $26.99 for a 30 serving tub. The supplement also isn’t short on flavors as it appears there are four to choose from in Sour Apple, Grape, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

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