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PMP supporting tee and tank also coming next month

gat pmp

At the moment GAT fans have a whole lot of gear to choose from at their favorite brands official store. They’ve got a full range of products going from the usual tees and tanks, to some of the not so common items such as lifting straps, sweat pants a number of different bags. The brand has now confirmed that they’ll soon have two more pieces of apparel to choose from as they’ve put together a couple of tops in support of their upcoming pre-workout PMP. Basically there will be a blue tee and a grey tank available, both with the supplement’s name on the front and on the back GAT’s logo for the tee, and PMP’s meaning for the tank. The two will be joining the rest of the brand’s gear on their website, around the time the pre-workout is released which is in the next few weeks.

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