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Giant Sleep Review: A sleep support supplement with a difference

giant sleep

On occasions we are lucky enough to try supplements before they go on sale or are even finalized. Sometimes it’s just for an early opinion, others for fun. If you can remember back to early last year, we did get a pre-release go at the awesome pump pre-workout Giant Pump. We recently got another unreleased product to put to the test from the same brand, with the yet to be named formula we’ve got for review today and have come to call Giant Sleep. While we can’t confirm any of the supplement’s ingredients until it gets closer to release, we can tell you it definitely delivers on its promise of supporting a good sleep.

Unlike most sleep support formulas or nighttime recovery concoctions, Giant Sleep really only promises one thing. Much like Blackstone Labs’ powerful knockout product Anesthetized, Giant Sleep does a great job at simply putting you to sleep. An effect like that isn’t overly new or ground breaking, however the way in which today’s supplement achieves this is something we have never experienced before.

No need for the maximum

The basic instructions for Giant Sleep is that you take one to two capsules 30 to 45 minutes before you want to go to sleep. Seeing as we only got a handful of capsules to try we never pushed Giant Sleep to its maximum of two, although after the first run we didn’t think it was necessary anyway. The trick with this product isn’t that you all of a sudden need to sleep or your eyes start feeling quite heavy. What Giant Sleep does is make you drowsy.

What makes it different

At first the extremely interesting Giant Sleep effect slowly creeps in, doing almost the opposite of a pre-workout kick. It brings you down bit by bit around that promised 30 to 45 minute mark, where you are then forced into the position to pretty much put yourself to sleep. If you can imagine gradually feeling heavier and your mind becoming calmer, then lying down in bed and just wanting to close your eyes and sleep, despite not necessarily feeling in the mood to 10 minutes earlier. The process is all very natural, sort of like an amplified or sped up version of how you’d normally feel before getting into bed.

It’s kind of like Giant Sleep puts your mind and body into the state it needs to be right before you knock off, as opposed to a supplement that just knocks you out. The result is a solid nights sleep that will have you good and ready come morning. We also used the product the night before an early wake up only to discover the AM feeling was the same, as opposed to some supplements that can leave you drowsy, still tired and headachy if you don’t make it through a full night’s sleep.

Giant Sleep review, final words

When Giant first mentioned their sleep product we crossed our fingers for something like Thyrotwin, Metabolic Bioshock or Giant Pump, where the brand put together something different and innovative. While we didn’t know what to expect or what the brand could do, Giant Sleep is that innovation we were hoping for. It gets the job done just as well as the top sleep supplements out there and in a way that feels a lot more natural and best of all comfortable.

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