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Lean Pro Whey next to get Labrada’s PE1 branding

lean pro whey

Ever since Labrada Nutrition introduced their pre-workout PE1, the supplement’s alternative branding has been popping up other products throughout the line. After PE1 arrived the theme was then used on another new formula in Amino Thrust, a rebranded Lean Body, three basic items, then more recently the upcoming pre-workout sequel Super Charge! This week Labrada’s PE1 look has now shown up on yet another supplement that much like Lean Body, appears to be a rebranded product.

The supplement that looks like its received a bit of a makeover is Labrada’s protein powder Lean Pro Whey. Unfortunately due to the image being quite small and difficult to make out any details, all we can confirm at the moment is that a Lean Pro Whey with a different look is coming. The lack of information does leave behind the possibility that the brand may have edited Lean Pro Whey, however we won’t know that for sure until the updated product’s label is released.

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