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New Muscletech Performance Series protein coming next month


Recently Muscletech confirmed the coming of a reformulated version of one of their Performance Series supplements for September. The release puts the still yet to be named product in the same month as the Olympia, an event the brand always like to bring new supplements to. Our guess as to what Performance Series formula Muscletech has updated is Amino Build, purely based on the current trends and how old Amino Build is. As interesting as it will be to see what the brand has put together come September, it turns out there is in fact another Performance Series product on the way.

As well as launching a reformulated supplement next month Muscletech has now confirmed that they will also have an entirely new addition to the Performance Series. Unlike with the other item, Muscletech has given us few clues for their all new product saying that it will be some sort of protein powder coming in a 2lb tub. At the moment the brand’s flagship line already features four different proteins or five if you count the international ISO Zero, which does make you wonder what it is they have planned. With Micellar Whey covering sustained release, ISO Zero for isolate, Phase8 for blends, Mass Tech for gainers and Nitro-Tech as some what of a high-end protein, there are very few directions left for Muscletech to go.

The fact that the entirely new Performance Series supplement is coming in a 2lb does make you think complex or at least a high price, although even with that in mind it’s still quite the mystery. As more information comes in we’ll be sure to post it as we’re now less than four weeks away from September and six from the Olympia.

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