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Olympia Webcast not at this year


For those that enjoy tuning in every year to the Mr. Olympia webcast, if you want to do so again this year it won’t be at the major online retailer American Media Inc. (AMI), the name behind the annual event has announced this year’s Olympia retail partner and it’s not Ultimate Nutrition will once again be the title sponsor, however the brand following on from “brought to you by” will in fact be Amazon Sports Nutrition.

We’re going to assume everyone knows who Amazon is, and that you can now buy almost every nutritional supplement available from their website. The fact that they have decided to sponsor the biggest bodybuilding event of the year is likely only going to increase that awareness, putting their name in front of everyone who tunes in.

While the webcast won’t be at we can only hope the store still celebrates the Olympia week as per usual, putting together great discounts and deals on all the biggest brands and products. As much as it will be interesting to see what they do, it’ll also be worth keeping an eye on Amazon to see if they do anything special outside of being the Olympia’s official retail sponsor.

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