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Onward supporting shirts free at select supplement stores


Fans of Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s Run Everything Labs supplement, the multi-effect formula Onward, now have a way they can show their support outside of buying the product. Basically the brand has decided to give their followers what they’ve been asking for with all new Onward shirts. Since the item is from the same team behind Flag Nor Fail, you probably already know it’s not your traditional stock logo tee.

The Onward white shirt features an eye-catching design with the supplement’s logo printed vertically down the front, covered by the brand’s name, then on the back a print of the Run Everything Labs’ logo. To celebrate the release of the shirt the brand has actually organized a promotion where you can in fact get the new product free. The way it works is if you are one of the first 10 people to purchase a tub of Onward today from one of the participating retailers, you will get one of the tees free. You can see the full list of stores involved on Run Everything Labs’ website, which totals over 50 and includes some big online locations such as Muscle & Strength and Tiger Fitness.


If you don’t feel like trying your luck at any of the retailers, you can of course buy the Onward tee from the brand’s own store. Direct the Onward shirt will cost you exactly $22 with just three sizes in stock at the moment in small, medium and large.

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