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Pos Combat 1 of 3 Black Skull supplements produced for the BOPE

pos combat

As we continue to wait for the Brazilian brand Black Skull to make their way to the US, they seem to just keep dropping more and more new supplements. Not long after it was confirmed that they would in fact be making their way here they dropped the Eduardo Correa and Carol Saraiva Series, which together feature more than 10 products. Black Skull has now given a sneak peek at what looks to be three more supplements in Pre Combat, Intra Combat and Pos Combat, although there does appear to be a story to them.

At the moment the formulas have only been spotted in sample form with just flavors and sizes showing in lemon, orange and chocolate, and 35, 40 and 35g. Based on the names we’re going to assume we’re looking at a pre, intra and post of some sort, not necessarily for workouts, with Pos Combat’s flavor suggesting it will likely be a protein. Outside of the picture the brand hasn’t really said much, except for the fact that the trio is the result of a collaboration with Black Skull and Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (special operations police battalion) or BOPE for short.

If we are understanding correctly and the three stackable products have been put together with and for the BOPE. Then there is a good chance they may not be available to regular Black Skull fans, although their intended market would make for a great marketing angle.

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