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Creatine Nootropic gives Black Skull fans a full dose of creatine with some focus

Black Skull Pharma Creatine Nootropic

Creatine Nootropic is one of the completely new supplement innovations the Brazilian brand Black Skull has released under its all-new and notably more advanced line of products, Black Skull Pharma. We introduced the range with a full breakdown of the spin-off brand’s comparatively packed-out pre-workout Oppenheimer. Here, we’ve got Creatine Nootropic, which is very much what it sounds like, a hybrid where you get a blend of muscle-building creatine and nootropics.

Black Skull Pharma’s Creatine Nootropic does come with a full and effective dose of creatine monohydrate at 5g a serving to support muscle strength, power, and performance. Alongside all of that is what makes the supplement that extra bit special, as the brand has brought together a variety of nootropics for focus and cognition. Impressively, it has just added a sprinkle of this and that in an effort to claim the hybrid title but not comprehensively support both sides.

Creatine Nootropic from Black Skull Pharma pairs its solid 5g of creatine monohydrate with a gram of taurine, 150mg of theanine, 250mg of choline, a reasonable 250mg of lion’s mane, 100mg of ginkgo biloba, and what looks to be 20mcg of huperzine a if standardized to its usual 1%. Very similar to what we talked about with the Oppenheimer pre-workout, the brand has never gone overly complex in any of its supplements or used non-traditional ingredients. That has all changed in Black Skull Pharma, and Creatine Nootropic is a respectable example of that broader formulation approach.

Just like Oppenheimer, the price tag on Creatine Nootropic is nothing like fans of the core Black Skull family will be used to paying. Black Skull Pharma prices its creatine-based muscle builder and nootropic hybrid at R$216.90 (42.60 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings, to last you a complete month when used once a day. You could rotate it with regular creatine to bring down the monthly cost, opting for standalone on off days, and Creatine Nootropic is flavored in Pineapple and Orange options.