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Run Everything Labs premiering for the first time at the Olympia

run everything labs

There have been more than enough hints and mentions over the past few months to know that Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s focus and immune support formula Onward, is going to be followed by more supplements. The first clue for us was when we saw the name of the brand on the actual bottle of Onward, with Run Everything Labs. The brand name definitely didn’t sound like a one product company, and did leave plenty of room for other supplements to join Onward somewhere down the line.

It now appears that Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s brand, Run Everything Labs, is about to make the move we knew they would at some point at the upcoming Olympia weekend. An image from Run Everything Labs themselves has surfaced featuring the extremely popular DLB, and a handful of very interesting words. Basically the brand has said they will be premiering for the first time ever at the Olympia expo in a little less than three weeks time. Run Everything Labs hasn’t exactly mentioned anything about what they’ll have on show, mostly promoting what kind of brand they’ll strive to be with lines like “we can not be just ‘another supplement company’.”

The Olympia expo always features a handful of new brands, however nothing ever as big or with as much momentum as the likes of Run Everything Labs. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what the brand has put together, whether it be news, plans and teasers, or something more exciting like an all new set of supplements.

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