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Genomyx STIMaholic gets a trial size packing 25 less servings


Recently Lecheek Nutrition recently revealed a new size for their hit pre-workout Speed X3, announcing that a 10 serving tub was on the way. Trial sizes for popular products is definitely something we’ve seen a lot of lately, and are now seeing once again this week from Genomyx. The brand behind supplements such as Endurate, EVOL and Phenadrol has said they also have a trial on the way, which like Lecheek is for their pre-workout formula STIMaholic.

At the moment the product comes in just the one full size option packing a total of 35 servings. The new STIMaholic tub that is on the way has 25 servings less than that with the traditional trial amount of 10. While we won’t know price or flavors until the smaller STIMaholic arrives, we do know will be the ones to launch it.

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