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Introducing XCD Nutrition and their 2 supplements, VIPre and Vapor XS

xcd nutrition

If you’re a big fan of our weekly giveaways then you would have noticed the one we added last Friday. The competition was for the pre-workout supplement VIPre from the brand we’re introducing today, XCD Nutrition. According to their website the brand is an American and Australian effort, although from what we can tell is only available in Australia. At the moment they have just two products, the one we had as a prize last Friday, the pre-workout VIPre, and the flavored fat burner Vapor XS.

Not so surprisingly, XCD Nutrition’s two supplements don’t really have much in common with one another. Of all their ingredients the products only share two, one being the almost unavoidable caffeine, and the other a trademarked ingredient named AMPiberry. As for some of the other features in the supplements, VIPre includes a lot of familiar faces such as beta-alanine, agmatine sulfate, citrulline malate and five others. Moving on to Vapor XS the ingredients are just as familiar with the likes of garcinia cambogia, acetyl-l-carnitine, higenamine and a few others.

For more information on XCD Nutrition you can check them out at, and be sure to stay tuned here for updates on the brand moving forward as well as giveaways.

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