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1316 Whey combines protein powder and immune support

1316 whey

Over the past few weeks Gifted Nutrition has been teasing fans with clues on a couple of new products. It all started with word on BYLT, then something to do with 1316, then back to BYLT. Earlier today we actually posted details on BYLT which has finally been unveiled this weekend at the Olympia Expo, although that’s not all the event has brought. While we did think Gifted’s 1316 teasers were some kind of build up to BYLT, it turns out 1316 is in relation to an entirely new supplement.

Despite not seeing or hearing anything about 1316 from Gifted for quite some time, a product called 1316 Whey has shown up at the Olympia this weekend and it is exactly what we suspected it to be. Early hints on the supplement suggested it would be some kind of a post-workout immune support formula. We then figured 1316 could be connected to Biothera’s immune support ingredient Wellmune. All of our suspicions have been proven correct in Gifted’s 1316 Whey, as the product is a post-workout protein powder combined with an enzyme and immune matrix which does feature Biothera’s Wellmune.

Aside from 1316 Whey’s addition of Wellmune, as well as its four other proprietary blend ingredients, protease, bromelain, endopeptidase and exopeptidase. The supplement’s formula is fairly straightforward. The macros are as you’d expect, 25g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates (1g sugar), half a gram of fat and 110 calories. The only question now is how much will it cost, as at the moment Gifted isn’t exactly competitive when it comes to protein powder.