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Black Skull bring more than what’s at to the Olympia

black skull

When Black Skull hit the Arnold Classic earlier this year it was surprising since the brand had yet to show up in any US retailers. This weekend at the Olympia Expo it’s basically the opposite, as now that Black Skull is officially listed at it’s no surprise that the Brazilian brand is here. With that being said there are a few things on display at the Black Skull booth that we didn’t quite expect.

While the brand’s first retailer is only currently listing products from its main line of supplements, we are seeing a little more than that here at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Alongside some of the products confirmed for are the likes of Isolon and Pussycat Whey, two items from two different series that we didn’t think were coming to US.

Regardless of whether or not this means the Eduardo Correa and/or Carol Saraiva Series will be available to us, the Black Skull invasion does now look like it’s well under way.

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