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BYLT and 1316 sounding like two separate supplements


After about three teasers Gifted Nutrition has finally re-uploaded the post we saw a week or so ago confirming their new supplement BYLT for release or reveal September 18th. Up until now the brand had only been pushing the name 1316, which based on all the details we’ve found we believe to be a possible product in relation to the company Biothera and their immune support ingredient Wellmune WGP. Since we now have somewhat of an idea on what 1316 could potentially be, and separate confirmation of BYLT coming soon. We are left thinking Gifted has two different supplements coming, 1316 and BYLT.

While originally it seemed like the topic of 1316 was some sort of teaser campaign or a new name for BYLT, if 1316 is in fact an immune formula we’re almost certain BYLT and 1316 are separate. For those that don’t know, BYLT stands for Beyond Your Limit Training, and is a product designed for the pre-workout window. As much as immune support could go with a pre-workout, we can’t imagine that being the case. With that being said nothing’s final until we see or hear it from Gifted themselves come September 18th, a date which is now two weeks away.

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