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Con-Cret Whey samples give you the chance to try before you buy

con-cret whey

While Promera’s all new protein Con-Cret Whey has still yet to hit any retailers from what we can see, just like it was last month the product can be purchased direct from the brand’s website. You can now also purchase a taste of the supplement straight from Promera as Con-Cret Whey samples have just been released. For those of you who would rather try the product before investing $39.99 in a 2lb tub, you can grab a sample in either of Con-Cret Whey’s two flavors for $2.49 each. There is also a four pack with two of each flavor, although it won’t save you any extra money. The Con-Cret Whey sample options can be found at, with free shipping available for both.

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