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Elemetx’s three supplements launching October 1st confirmed


Back in July we posted about an all new company called Elemetx, looking to launch their all new line of products on the first day in October. Originally we didn’t know much about the brand or their supplements, just the fact that they had three formulas on the way, with no names, categories or even hints. As we now sit exactly four weeks out from Elemetx’s planned released date, the brand has passed on a lot more information about their line up.

As mentioned before Elemetx will be launching with a total of three different products. Today we can confirm that those three are officially titled ThermoxyShred, Payload-ATP and EliteAmine. While the names aren’t straightforward you can figure out what kind of supplements each of them are with ThermoxyShred being the fat burner, Payload-ATP the pre-workout, and EliteAmine the amino cocktail. The ingredients labels for the three Elemetx products aren’t expected to be released until we get a little closer to October 1st, however the brand has passed on a few highlights for each of the items.

Starting with ThermoxyShred, the weight loss supplement will be coming in capsule form with powder due at a later date, and will feature ingredients such as caffeine, synephrine and cayanne pepper. Next is the pre-workout Payload-ATP, Elemetx’s stimulant powered pre-workout also starring caffeine as well as the likes of betaine, Carnosyn beta-alanine and schisandra. Last but not least is the amino formula EliteAmine, which will be a little more than the traditional BCAAs packing extra ingredients such as Sustamine glutamine, HICA and coconut water.

Definitely stay tuned here for more on Elemetx and their three upcoming products ThermoxyShred, Payload-ATP and EliteAmine, with the brand’s countdown now at exactly 28 days to go.

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