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Elemetx unveils its mystery non-whey protein NitroVegg


Elemetx has finally unveiled the supplement that left us with just one guess based on its last teaser image. Introduced this week by the brand is a product called NitroVegg, a whey free, completely non-dairy protein powder.

While Elemetx has officially unveiled NitroVegg, giving us a pretty good look at the supplement, we do still have a lot of questions about the protein. The big mystery is that we do have confirmation that NitroVegg doesn’t use any dairy, although that leaves us wondering what kind of protein sources does it use?

Looking at the name and branding, we get the feeling that NitroVegg will feature two or more common vegan protein sources such as rice and pea protein. Knowing Elementx, there are probably a few other things that make the product unique, outside of its sources of protein, but for now, this is all we know.

The good news is we aren’t going to be waiting too much longer for the full story on NitroVegg, as Elemetx is saying the product will be out and available sometime this month.

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