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EWP featuring the new stimulant arecoline hydrobromide


Like all of Run Everything Labs’ new supplements, the pre-workout’s name EWP does stand for something. The product’s complete title is Enter With Purpose, definitely an appropriate name for a pre-workout formula. As for the ingredients the brand has included to allow you to enter the gym with purpose, EWP is made up of a rather straightforward combination. It packs most of the common performance ingredients as well as a few stimulants, although there are some things in there that are a bit different.

Starting from the top of Run Everything Labs’ EWP label you have the performance features we were talking about in 2.5g of Beta-O beta-alanine oratate, half a gram of COP (creatinol-O-phosphate), then 1g each of agmatine sulfate, taurine and betaine anhydrous. The supplement’s list doesn’t of course end there as rounding out the pre-workout you have five more ingredients, with 600mg of beta vulgaris, 300mg caffeine, and a rather interesting 305mg proprietary blend. Making up the EWP blend is the new stimulant arecoline hydrobromide, theobromine and synephrine.

The Run Everything Labs’ pre-workout EWP is expected to be launched in two 30 serving flavors, one being the common recipe Green Apple and the other the much more uncommon Tangerine Clementine.

Run Everything Labs EWP, Enter With Purpose


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