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66% complete Fitmark Envoy puzzle shows just enough

fitmark Envoy

Over the past few days Fitmark has been releasing pieces to a six part puzzle that when complete will officially reveal what its all new Envoy bags look like. As expected there is more than one bag to the Envoy line with two confirmed so far, both of which we now have a good look at thanks to the brand’s puzzle being about 66% complete. The two Envoy aren’t shaped anywhere near the same, as unlike the Shields or Boxes they’re very different styles, one being a backpack and the other a shoulder bag.

Looking at the two Fitmark Envoys, or at least what we can see of them, they do appear to be fairly simple designs. Both do in fact feature a Shield like front with a hard pattern running from top to bottom on the backpack, and almost left to right on the shoulder bag. The real mystery of course is what do the products look like on the inside.

Any fan knows that it’s not just the outside of a Fitmark bag that looks good. The innovative brand always takes things to another level on the inside, and since Fitmark is promoting this as its greatest bag ever, we’re more than interested to see how it steps things up this time around. At the rate the brand is going its puzzle should be complete in the next couple of days, which we can only assume is going to be followed by an official launch through the Fitmark website.

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