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Pre-Intra-Post Kaged system stack will save you 5%

kaged muscle

After Kris Gethin finally launched his pre-workout Pre-Kaged and post-workout protein Re-Kaged, we knew it was only a matter of time before the two were grouped together with In-Kaged for a money saving stack. This week Kaged Muscle’s exclusive retailer has done exactly that introducing the complete Pre-Intra-Post stack. When purchased separately the 20 serving supplements would usually come to a total of $101.91. Together in the stack however that price drops by a little more than five bucks, working out to a total of just $96.81 which is basically $1.70 discount on each product. While the savings may seem small, it’s better than nothing and definitely convenient for those that were already going to buy all three Kaged supplements.

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