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Komodo Nutraceuticals​ launches Manik for energy and pump fans

komodo manik

Komodo Nutraceuticals, the brand behind the pre-workout Katana, this week has released another pre-workout supplement. The name of the product is Manik, which has been designed as a much more stimulant and pump powered alternative for Komodo fans. The brand has packed the supplement with a total of seven different ingredients, only two of which can be found in Komodo’s other pre-workout Katana.

Starting with the two features Manik has in common with Katana you have 2g of Hydro-Vask glycerol, and the stimulant every pre-workout uses with 350mg of caffeine. As for the rest of the product Komodo has included 1g of KNO3 potassium nitrate, half a gram of glucuronolactone, 300mg vitamin C, 50mg higenamine and 100mcg of Huperzine A. All together as mentioned Manik’s ingredients are being promoted to deliver a much more energy and pump based pre-workout experience.

The latest from Komodo was in fact officially launched yesterday, going on sale at Get Ripped Nutrition. Those interested can now head on over there and order Manik with just the one flavor to choose from at the moment in Crystal Blue.

Komodo Nutraceuticals Manik

komodo manik

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