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Katana V4 a little more flexible with half as much caffeine per scoop

katana v4

Komodo Nutraceuticals has launched its previously previewed sequel supplement Katana V4, which of course has brought with it the pre-workout’s highly anticipated label. As promised the product does feature citrulline, glycerol, agmatine, citicoline, caffeine and vitamin B12, as well as four other ingredients that we can now confirm. The brand has obviously included everything at solid doses, however for Katana V4 it has changed the caffeine balance a little which gives the supplement an interesting maximum ability.

Firstly we’ll go over the ingredients in a single scoop of Katana V4 with 2g of citrulline, 1g each of HydroMax glycerol and ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine), 750mg tyrosine. 250mg of Cognizin citicoline, 2500mcg vitamin B12, half a gram each of taurine and Agmapure agmatine, 150mg Sustamine l-alanyl-l-glutamine, and lastly 115mg of caffeine. As you can see Komodo has carried over quite a few things from Katana V3, with a lot of the doses also being the same when bumping up V4 to two scoops.

You’ll also notice that the caffeine dose in a single scoop of Katana V4 is relatively low, although what that actually does is give users the ability to go up a scoop or two as they please. For example at one scoop the caffeine is low but the same can’t exactly be said for everything else. At two the ingredients get even better with the likes of agmatine at 1g and glycerol at 2g. Then when you go to three you’re only looking at 345mg of caffeine but with citrulline up at 6g, taurine at 1.5g and tyrosine at 2.25g.

What Komodo has done is interesting to say the least, with the brand basically carrying over Katana’s quality dosing, giving it a few new additions as well as some unique flexibility. For those that would actually like to get their hands on the new pre-workout, as mentioned the product has been launched today and with an introductory deal. If you head on over to Get Ripped Nutrition you’ll find Katana V4 available for the discounted price of $29.99 with two flavors to choose from in Green Apple and Cherry Lime.

Komodo Nutraceuticals Katana V4

katana v4

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