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My Magnificent Obsession trailer #2 gives you a feel of the story

my magnificent obsession

In one of our more recent posts on CT Fletcher’s upcoming My Magnificent Obsession we got our first real look at the movie with a mysterious and very interesting two-minute trailer. Today we’ve got another trailer for the film, which is only about 55 seconds longer although it does feature quite a bit more footage. While we did know My Magnificent Obsession would have a lot to do with Fletcher’s back story, trailer #2 is the first time we actually get a sense of that story.

Right from the start of the My Magnificent Obsession trailer you are thrown right into it, quickly going over CT Fletcher’s history as a power lifter then onto his near death experience. The movie will of course explain the big points in more detail, however in the trailer after the intro you really get to see and hear about why Fletcher’s story is so interesting. From his multiple heart attacks to inspirational speech about his magnificent obsession, the film is definitely looking like an inspirational story not to be missed.

You can check out My Magnificent Obsession’s second trailer below, or on YouTube through iSatori’s channel. For those that missed it you can also now pre-order the movie for stream and/or download on September 18th for just $9.99.

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