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At least six supplements confirmed for updated Myoplex Series

Myoplex Series

For whatever reason we’ve always found it quite difficult to keep up with the brand EAS. While we did recently see them at the Arnold in March where they unveiled a newly packaged Complete Protein, we haven’t really seen any updates from them since then. Despite how rarely they feature here, details on an all new line from EAS have now surfaced with what looks to be a more complete and rebranded Myoplex Series.

According to the brand’s website, at the moment the EAS Myoplex line features only protein products with the likes of Myoplex Original, Myoplex Lite, and the protein bar Myoplex 30. As you can see in the image above it appears EAS plan on expanding that selection with at least six supplements. Each of the items pictured will enter the brand into an all new category for the Myoplex Series covering pre and post-workout, creatine, glutamine, mass protein and BCAAs. Most of the products are named after the categories they’re in except for the post-workout titled Myoplex Muscle Armor, and the mass protein which has been shortened to just the one word name, Gainer.

As mentioned EAS has always been a difficult brand to follow for us, either way the updated Myoplex line does look like it will be something quite major for them. We do expect to see more on the series from EAS very soon, especially with the Olympia Expo coming up next week on Friday and Saturday.

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