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P28 High Protein Spreads get their own custom jars


Looking at the picture above you may be thinking P28 Foods has put together another rebrand. While that is part of the story, it’s not the main reason. The P28 Spreads that are pictured do have a slightly different look to them, however that is not because the brand just wanted to give them a makeover. P28’s High Protein Spreads look different because the brand has put together one-of-a-kind jars for the spreads which has also brought along a bit of a label redesign.

As you can see in P28’s preview of the updated products, their jars now have a bit of curve to them as opposed to their predecessor’s more traditional spread bottle. Despite the task of changing jars being quite a big one, the brand is looking to move its spreads into the custom containers very soon. P28 is in fact saying fans can expect to see the new High Protein Spreads on shelves in stores within the next few weeks.

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