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Pumpkin Spice Quest bar expected to be exclusive to GNC

pumpkin spice quest

Before we go on keep in mind Quest Nutrition has yet to announce anything, so we can’t exactly say what we’re about to is anything official. Basically ever since word got out on a new Quest bar flavor we’ve been contacted by a number of people saying they know what it is. Yesterday based on what was released and what we’d been told, we made our own guess saying it would be some kind of pumpkin flavor. We’ve now been told by more than enough people that it is in fact a Pumpkin Spice Quest bar that’s coming.

We’ve also noticed today that as well as Quest continuing with its build up to the launch of its latest creation, GNC has started promoting the next Quest bar. This suggests the rumors from early on were in fact correct, in that the Pumpkin Spice Quest bar is going to be exclusive to the retailer. We won’t officially know everything until the brand makes its highly anticipated announcement, which we assume is coming on the date its pushing, Tuesday September 29th.

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