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Redline Master Blaster shows up 5 days out from the Olympia

redline master blaster

Over the past few weeks VPX has confirmed a number of big changes for its line, with everything so far going to the brand’s ready-to-drink supplements. The updates coming include a new flavor and look for the VPX energy drink Bang, and two new flavors for the Redline Xtreme RTD. Another change from the brand has now been confirmed with what looks to be a sequel to the fat burner Redline Ultra Hardcore titled Redline Master Blaster.

As certain as we are on that name, we don’t yet have a big enough or clear enough shot of the product, so we can’t say with 100% certainty that Redline Master Blaster is the official title. We can make out the word “Blaster” and a few letters from “Master”, either way the more important fact is that VPX has a new weight loss supplement on the way, which also has a very different look compared to Ultra Hardcore. The news has come in at the best of times, as in five days we will be seeing the brand at the Olympia Expo where we do expect to see more on Master Blaster.

redline incinerator

Before getting too excited it is worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a follow up to Redline Ultra Hardcore from VPX. Roughly a year and a half ago images of a product called Redline Incinerator surfaced, however still to this day Incinerator has yet to be released. We’re not saying that will be the case for Redline Master Blaster, but we would feel a lot better if we got to see it in the flesh.

While we are expecting more details on Redline Master Blaster at the Olympia, there is the chance that may not happen. VPX hasn’t given any kind of idea on when the supplement will launch or even when more information will be released. All we can do now is sit, wait and hope the brand makes the Olympia week as exciting as it did last year’s Arnold where VPX revealed more new products than most do in a year.

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