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Ronnie’s rebranded Resurrect PM featuring ActiveTR leucine

ronnie coleman

When Ronnie Coleman Signature Series announced its rebrand, as well as expecting some new supplements we also expected to see some formula changes. Those changes have now been confirmed, as following on from the news of the brand’s upcoming pre-workout “Yeah Buddy“, we have details on a handful of products that have been slightly modified. In total four Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplements have been updated, with one of them getting a bit more than the others.

Starting with the less altered products, Ronnie’s testosterone booster Testogen XR and Stacked NO have had their agmatine sulfate swapped out for the branded Agmass agmatine. Testogen XR has also been given a new ingredient, seeing the brand add diindolylmethane or DIM, for its aromatase inhibiting abilities. Next we have Amino Tone which has two notable differences, the first being an extra gram of BCAAs going from 4g to 5, and second the formula now uses InstaAminos for better mixability.

Last but certainly not least we have the fourth updated Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplement, Resurrect PM. In total the highly recommended nighttime formula features three changes, with each one making the product that little bit better. Unlike its predecessor the rebranded Resurrect PM has absolutely no creatine. The other two additions are where things get interesting as Ronnie has added 2g of leucine made up of 1.5g of ActiveTR time released leucine, and half a gram of InstaAminos leucine.

While the changes are definitely not big enough to justify calling any of the supplements 2.0s, they are more than appreciated and for some of the products will likely be quite noticeable. For those interested in trying any of the slightly altered supplements, they are expected to be hitting shelves sometime over the next few months.