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Ronnie Coleman’s TeaCrine powered “Yeah Buddy” coming soon

yeah buddy

When Ronnie Coleman Signature Series revealed their all new look, the first question we had was will the rebrand bring any new supplements? The answer was that an all new pre-workout was planned, however we thought it would be another Myo-Blitz sequel following on from Myo-Blitz XS. It turns out the brand has gone with an entirely different name, as to start the week off strong Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has unveiled their upcoming pre-workout officially titled Yeah Buddy.

The more complete name of the product appears to be Ronnie Coleman’s “Yeah Buddy”, but to keep it short we’ll just refer to it as Yeah Buddy. Strangely enough this is the first supplement from Ronnie Coleman Signatures Series to make use of one of the king’s famous quotes. With that being said we wouldn’t be surprised if more pop up somewhere down the road as “Light Weight Baby” and “Yeeeeeep” could also work.

As for the details we have on the actual Yeah Buddy formula, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series hasn’t released a whole lot of information with only really the bottle to go off. Based on the tub weight of the pre-workout it doesn’t look like Yeah Buddy will be featuring too many heavy dose performance ingredients, more concentrated small dose stimulants. To give you an idea on its serving size, if it’s packing the same amount of servings as Myo-Blitz each one will in fact work out to exactly 6g, with just one of those being promoted as the maximum.

While that still only gives us an idea of what’s in Yeah Buddy, there is one ingredient that the brand has been kind enough to confirm. Somewhere in the product there will be a dose of the increasingly popular TeaCrine, which should help give the pre-workout longer lasting energy.

At the moment Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is listing Yeah Buddy as coming soon, although with September 1st already seeing the launch of their big rebrand the pre-workout is probably the next thing on their list.