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6 Pack Contender designed for the on-the-go fit traveler

6 pack contender

Earlier this week 6 Pack Fitness started teasing what we suspected would be the brand’s Olympia debuted Contender backpack. Just yesterday it was confirmed that we were correct, and now today as promised the 6 Pack Contender is available direct through the brand’s website. With the launch has come a bunch of new images of the product, which are extremely helpful as there is more to the Contender then what we thought.

At first glance the 6 Pack Contender appears to be a drawstring backpack with a compartment at the bottom. Thanks to all the close ups that have been released we can confirm that there is in fact a center compartment separating the netted pockets to one each side. The middle area is closed off with a zip that starts at the top on the back, and comes all the way around to the bottom at the front. Just as 6 Pack describes the Contender really is the ideal backpack for an “on-the-go-fit traveler”, giving you two aired netted pockets, a bottom section for a single meal and a main compartment for everything else.

Almost like it was priced at the Olympia Expo, the 6 Pack Contender has been launched through the brand’s website at $49.99, with two colorways to choose from in black and black with red.

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