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Amazon suing individuals over fake product reviews


If you caught Supplement Reviews’ post from almost two weeks ago about what it unfortunately discovered when it analyzed a massive 580 reviews on Amazon, you’ll definitely find the story we have today quite interesting. In Supplement Reviews’ investigation it found a lot of reviews to be extremely questionable based on what they said, when they were posted and a number of others thing. The reason we bring this up is because we were just sent a story posted by CNN Money saying that Amazon is in fact suing “more than 1,000 sellers of ‘fake’ product reviews”.

Basically the title of the article says it all, Amazon is suing accounts at places that appear to be selling fake reviews for products on its website. You can read more about Amazon taking action against fake reviews at, and also be sure to check out Supplement Reviews’ in-depth Amazon review analysis if you have yet to give it a look.

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