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6 Pack’s latest looking like the Contender backpack

6 pack

Back at the Olympia 6 Pack had two new bags on sale, the kids IAm Athlete backpack available in two colorways, black/red and pink/purple. And the significantly cheaper Contender bag also available in two options, black and black/red. The brand has now started teasing a new bag using the sneak peek picture above, saying that the item is something they had on display at the Olympia. As far as we know the Contender and IAm Athlete backpacks were the only new items at 6 Pack’s booth, leading us to believe it is one of those two.

Based on the image 6 Pack is using to tease the product we’re going to say the bag it has coming is likely going to be the Contender. While we never really got a close look at it only spotting it on the brand’s Olympia Price Guide, it’s definitely more fitting than kids IAm Athlete backpack. During our live coverage of the event we didn’t actually post any pictures of the Contender, or at least the Contender in 6 Pack’s price guide. However we did get some, one of which we’ve added below to give you a look at item.

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