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Nutrex N-Vein also featuring 5g of Cluster Dextrin

nutrex n-vein

Nutrex’s new stimulant free pre-workout formula N-Vein is due to arrive as early as next week, so to get everyone informed the brand has released the official label for the supplement. Up until now the only two ingredients we knew were going to be in the product were HydroMax and Nitratene, as both of those can be seen on the front of its tub. Now that Nutrex N-Vein’s label has been released we can confirm that there are actually only three other features in the supplement.

Before we get into the other ingredients, we should mention that the latest from Nutrex is 100% transparent so as well as now knowing what else is in the formula we also know HydroMax and Nitratene’s doses. Like most pump products N-Vein’s HydroMax glycerol sits above the 1g mark at 2g per serving, with the Nitratene sodium nitrate half that at 1g. As for the other three features we previously didn’t know about, Nutrex has included 5g of Cluster Dextrin HBCD (highly branched cyclic dextrin), followed by 641mg of potassium bicarbonate and half a gram of dimagnesium malate.

All that’s left to come now is the launch of Nutrex N-Vein in its one unflavored 30 serving size, which as mentioned is expected to take place as early as next week direct through the brand’s website.

Nutrex N-Vein

nutrex n-vein

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