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Picamilon products still available in a lot of locations


The bad news continues to come in following on from last week’s picamilon drama, where Lecheek Nutrition discontinued its picamilon formulas, and Myokem confirmed that it would be launching reformulated versions of Nitramine and Pyroxamine. Basically major stores like GNC and now appear to have dropped every supplement with the ingredient, from Pro Supps well known Mr. Hyde to EVL’s top 10 pre-workout ENGN. The simple solution for fans of course is go somewhere else, as there are still plenty of locations stocking picamilon products.

Some of the bigger stores worth checking out include A1 Supplements, Muscle & Strength and Marc Lobliner’s Tiger Fitness. In fact if you head to Muscle & Strength today you can get two bottles of Myokem’s original Nitramine for $24.75 each.

If you’re like one of the many that have contacted us and are wondering why picamilon supplements are being pulled everywhere. It is all thanks to the FDA apparently saying picamilon is not a dietary ingredient. The issue is more of a technical thing, and doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the safety of picamilon. For a full write-up on the story, how it began and where it looks to be going, head on over to PricePlow and check out their extensive post on the topic.